Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Day 32: Not a zoo!

Yesterday we went to Huntsville to run some errands and ended up going to see a movie!  Well, 2 movies since Chan does not like monster movies she and I went to see Epic, which is really good!  The boys went to see After Earth, which was apparently MUCH cooler because they did not shut up about it the rest of the afternoon.  Our movie had Leafmen. 

We walked a whole entire mile on the greenway before giving up and running for the van because of thunder, then lightning and then some rain.  I ended up walking on the treadmill to finish my 3 miles for the day, it seems like it take twice as long that way.  I am still10 pounds over where I wanted to be by my birthday, so I am trucking it in hopes that I can whittle that down to 6-7, I still have over a week!  Just going in the right direction will help my aging ego.  :D

On the greenway

It had a very pretty little rock-bottom creek flowing along beside...

I talked the guys into redoing a photo booth strip for me.  I have had the one on the left hanging over my desk for 17 years.  :)

Today we went to Amanda's to see the new baby goats, they were SO cute.
It poured most of the way there, it has been raining off and on for days, so of course the mushroom crop was popping up all over, I took these on the 100 foot walk to the goat shed.

 Sweet little blue-eyed baby goats!!

This is the only goat who's name I actually know, it's Red Molly!
Though I would have called her Butter Pecan.
Look at those baby goat lashes.

This is BBQ, the Sleeve Eater

Yes, I did smooch on this goat, they smelled like hay and sunshine, I could have sniffed at them a while longer...

I have no idea what she named this one, but I am calling her Adorbs.
 The only thing cuter than the goats is the baby, Bird, who is growing SO fast!  Today he was all about making big surprised eyes and climbing up in his chair and making his legs poke straight out.  With his 6 teeth, he is cuter than a bunny.  The girls were cute, too.  2 sweet 4 year olds having a tea party is one of the best things to see in life.  :)

This was in my van, eep.
It's a chickenlet!
We ended up leaving early, Ben was not feeling well.  He said a couple of strange things today on the way down, strange enough that I pulled over and bought a thermometer to make sure he did not have a fever.  This was BEFORE he said he felt bad, or I would have just headed back home.  I don't mind older kids hanging out if one of them is puny-just keep your germs to yourself.  But Amanda has 2 under 5 and sweet Inde was there, too! 

After we had been there a couple hours, he went and laid down while the other boys went swimming-that was the second indicator that he was super puny.  He's still not running a fever, but he's pale and his eyes look exhausted.  He's in bed now, I am hoping a good solid night of sleep will have him all sorted.  He seems to only be wiped out and he has a single runny nostril.  :(

I picked up my Frontier order while I was there, I ordered Numi Garden Sampler tea-it is surprisingly good, I am drinking tomato mint now and Matt has beet cabbage in his mug.  It's meant to be a snack replacer and is good for hiking and camping as a warming beverage with some heft to it.  Like cocoa but lighter plus loads of vitamins and antioxidants.  I also picked up some Stash chocolate hazelnut tea and that is really good.  Stephanie sent a big baggie of Stevia with pomegranate and passion fruit flavors.  I LOVE the Stevia with vanilla, so I am hoping this will be just as yummy!

I am bummed we did not get to hang out longer, we had all juggled schedules until today was agreed on and Katy's mom even took off work to hang out with us.  Waa.  They are probably jet skiing right now or something.  hahaha

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