Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Day Ten: BBQ Again!

Yesterday, for the 10th official day of official summer, we had a cook-out.  By 'we' I mean I made corn in the oven while Matt cooked meats both real and fake on the grill and the Lackey's joined us.  I had vegan burgers with turkey bacon and cheese.  The gastronomical combo went south overnight and I did a little exercising in the wee hours running to the bathroom every so often. 

Matt and I played, "What did I eat?" because it's not like he got any sleep with my Jack in the box potty fun, but unlike me, he was not whining about it.  He secretly thinks there were peppers in the veggie burgers, I think maybe onions in the salsa.  All I know is, I don't even want to SEE Jim Beam's Red Stag ever again.  I did not over-indulge, but some was spilled last night and the smell, despite loads of scrubbing with cleaners, is cloying and is adding to the barfy factor.

Despite the late-onset ugggggh, we had a good time.  It was nice to get together and just hang out a while, Matt and I had managed to annoy the devil out of each other somehow and had been at odds all day.  I nearly called and uninvited them, but hoped the distraction would set us back on track and I knew the kids were missing their friends, too. 

I took exactly NO photos.  I need to get better about that, as I have dozens of pictures of clouds and none of us just hanging out with our friends at home.

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