Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Day 25: Keeping the Past Alive

Or, at least around.

Today I FINALLY got around to doing something with the old flour cabinet.  It lived in this house for many years, then Erin took it when she moved and when she moved again, it ended up in the shed at Judy's house and when the shed roof started to be scary, Matt's mom asked us to move it back here for safekeeping. 

When we went to go get it, a mouse ran out of the base and Matt squealed and then he opened a drawer where the same mouse had made a sizable next out of pink insulation and a rattlesnake skin.  hahahaha.  It sat up here a while, there were so many brown recluse living in it that I was unsure I would ever want it IN the house with us.  eek

So, this afternoon I spent a couple hours scrubbing it out and wiping it down over and over until I got it as clean as I can.  It still smells funky, so I opted to not store food-food in it or cookware/dishes.  I was not sure WHAT to do with it, I don't have many minor-use appliances, just a Crock-pot and a food processor.  I culled my pots and pans until I just have what I use, same for most everything else in the kitchen.  So after we hauled it in, I started looking around for some way to put it to good use.

The marbles are Matt's mom's from when she was a kid. The cookbooks were in the house when we moved in, the scale on top has been around since before Matt was born.  The insulator is one of a couple dozen tucked all around the house, leftover from when Matt's dad worked phone lines for Bellsouth.  The first pitcher, my Grandfather made when he worked for Louisville Pottery, the mixing bowls are my maternal grandmother's, the tablecloth was the last my father's mother made.  The second pitcher is the only anniversary gift Matt ever bought me.  The Ford tractor on top is Matt's from when he was a kid, the milk bottle is one of several I have found in the attic and barn.  The bird is Matt's paternal grandmother's. The pigs and owls are mine.

 The bottom is full of games from Matt's childhood and ones we have bought since.  On the shelf there's a box of cookie and biscuit cutters, some from both of my grandmothers, some we have bought.  The carnival glass container is one of many my parents collected.   Mickey is our own family memory, Matt's family went to Disney World together as well.  I have no idea the history of that lantern, it is one of those things that has 'always been here'.  I have always been fond of it for some reason.

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