Saturday, July 13, 2013

22: Stone Door

 We signed in at Stone Door at 6 on the dot and walked back to the overlooks, which are nearly exactly a mile from the parking area, all pretty well flat and the first 3/10 is even paved.  It's actually just slightly uphill most of the walk, so heading back to the car is extra easy!

 From the Laurel Gulf Overlook 

 Stone Door

 We nommed on wild blueberries while we walked.  State Park rules allow for personal gathering of fruits or nuts.

 More mushrooms, I took loads along the walk back, I only had one set of batteries and did not want to run the risk of using them up during the day!

 Though Matt is in the background of the above and below shot, he is not a fungus.  Though, on occasion, he can be a fungi.

I have 3 really good, huge full-color mushroom and fungi guides and I still don't know a single 'shroom name.  Other than morel, which is REALLY easy to ID.

The drive home was long, but uneventful.  I had to drive all day because Matt left his wallet at home.  I was poooooped when we got in!

It was a great day, one for the records.  :)

J: Look!  Horse-drawn carriage!
B:  Horses have amazing artistic ability.
J: Never mind, it's a donkey pulling a couch in a truck bed.

C:  On a scale of 1-10, how garish would you say this is?
J: Eleven.
C:  Yeah.  Good point.

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