Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Day El: Hotter 'n Hell

Okay, eleven is hard to rhyme and all I want to do is complain about the AC in the van again, so I went with that Schoolhouse Rock song about 12 that imagined new words for 10, 11 and 12 to make counting by 12's as easy as counting by 10's.  If you actually needed that explanation, you obviously never watched Saturday morning cartoons in the early 80's and I am sad for you.  SAD.

The AC in the van is out again, this time it's the condenser and will be $350 and 3 hours of labor.  Super Suck.  I feel like I am buying a new AC system on the installment plan, she did say today that if the rest of the system has failed and not just the condenser, that it's less than $700 to finish replacing it all.  So, I guess there's THAT anyway. Poor Nettlevan! 

So, I have cancelled my plans for the rest of the week, as driving anywhere with no cooling system has proven to be misery the times I have done it recently and I am not into being miserable on top of this stomach funk.  Hopefully Ben's teeth won't suffer from not being tweaked for another week and we can find something worthwhile and summery to do right here at home. 

To start things off, you can watch my nephews and brother at our favorite Florida springs just last week.  Note the other people around, that does not happen in the off season.  We have gone 3 times and no one else was there.

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