Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Day Fourteen: So...Green...


Kat had a lapse and forgot how to get in the yard.

 It's been raining and then being misty and then raining and there's days of it forecast to come.  July 4th was a bust, we did not even leave the house, though the locals shot off lots of noisy things and we had a three dog night per usual.

Japanese beetles are eating my roses, I have been putting different things on them to try to kill them.  That's been fun.  The most effective thing has been picking them off and dropping them in a jar.

 The rain, here at least, has been light and long, no flooding or anything drastic, just LOTS of rain.  And more on the way.  It's so green and lush outside, it hurts your eyes to look too long.

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