Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Day 33: Morning Glory

I am pretty sure the reason I really liked Epic was the scene with the morning glories at the beginning.  They are by far my favorite flower.

I have spent the last month or so tinkering with the tendrils that started poking their heads out and helping them grow up and around the posts on the porch and now they are starting to reach out toward the middle.  Only the white ones are blooming yet, it's that way everywhere we have been.  I am hoping my plans last year to relocate some of the blue and purple to the yard worked.  I don't know much about things like that.  I get lots of comments on the 4 o'clocks in the yard-which I did not plant and don't do anything to.  They have managed to cross breed between the white and pink to make a variegated bloom that gets older women very excited.  Every fall I send out little baggies of seeds to at least 2 different people who want that variety. 

Anyway, here is the progress!

My favorite spot!

 From the movie:

Makes me want to shrink down and walk around.  Except the cats would totally kill me and toss me around and then Nia would come roll on my carcass.

AWESOME!  Leafmen warriors who ride hummingbirds!
There's this character, Nim Galuu, who is voiced by Steven Tyler (yes that one)
They SAY he's a glow worm, but I can clearly see he's a freakishly HUGE water bear.

eeep!  My favorite flower AND my favorite microscopic creature in the SAME MOVIE!  Score!
Don't read anything about the movie, just go see it.  It's not an intellectual thriller, but the!

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