Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1.17 Miles

I walked around the track!!!  I am HEALING!  I am so happy!  Other than finding out about that website where you can check to see if there is puking in a movie you want to watch and discovering an AWESOME field trip spot that does blacksmithing and soap making and candle making AND has baby pigs you can hold (also ponies to ride) this is the best thing to happen all month!

We are continuing the healing by moving to the Mountain of Health for the remainder of this month and the first bit of next month.  While there, I will walk and swim just about every day and my view while resting will be of the valley below and not Matt's desk across the room and the one tree out Chan's window.  I still can't be 'up' more than 3 hours total, but was given the clear to do 'straight line' exercise that involves literally going in one direction and not shifting, such as basketball or soccer (darn). Even vacuuming requires alternating foot position and twisting while on one foot. Did not think about that...I have been vacuuming for a couple weeks!  Biking is okay, which surprised me. Pressing down still hurts a LOT, I have only driven a short distance, but braking is very painful, so Jake does my carting around.  So no biking for me just yet, I doubt it counts the same if Jake does my peddling there,  hehehe

I have decided that swimming time is nearly resting, since there's not full weight on my foot, so it will not count against my 3 hours.  Otherwise,  I will just be swimming and sitting!

We will be back and forth the whole time, I have a couple repair projects I want to get done while we are not here to live in the mess!  The kids have classes that start later this week, too, so we will be in and out fairly often.

In keeping with my new, narrow format of only talking about my foot, the trip and what I have watched: I have not watched anything in days!  Well, not totally true, we are watching Legend of Korra and there's just no need to go into that-Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra are probably the two best 'cartoons' ever made. We are in season 3 still catching up.  I still don't LOVE the characters like I did Aang and his crew, but it's still a good story.

Disney front: I have picked out the tent we will buy for the trip to replace our 12 year old family tent that has zipper issues and gorilla taped poles.  Also, I have discovered Tom Bricker's photography and have fallen into a delirious funk both wanting to take exactly some of the very same shots and knowing my 9 year old camera and kit lens will never compete.  I know I say all the time that it's not the camera, it's the photographer, but for some of these, it's the camera along with the eye and phenomenal timing and some photoshop skillz that I seriously don't have.  I can remove a zit or change the contrast level, but that's about it.  But go check him out, the link will open a new window.  He even has Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon shots.  At the very least, I am inspired to shoot more than the kids and the major landmarks this time around!

That's it for now, I took several photos yesterday but have not resized them yet.  I took one of Ben down a long tube so he's just this little head off in the distance.  He suggested I take photos of everyone I know that way so I can cobble together group photos after the fact.  hahaha. I guess I need to start seeing people I know.

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