Saturday, August 9, 2014


I had a photo walk today!  In that I walked out on the porch and took photos!
I realized after I got going that the camera was still on black and white from something I was working on a month ago.  I just went with it.  Ended up using the in camera filters to make it more blue, since it was rainy.

I grow morning glory every year, it's my favorite flower.  As soon as those tiny heart leaves pop out in June, I am ON it.  Training them up the posts and tinkering every day until the all touch, making a bower out of the porch.  Being off my feet for 3 weeks, they got away from me!  I spent an hour unwinding and trying to guide the tendrils.  This year may be a bust, I don't know.  Someone mowed the patch at the corner of the porch and that vine is dead.  :(
I did...procure...a few vines from elsewhere that SHOULD be blue.  All that grows on the porch is white, but there are purple ones in the field across the road.  These started blooming a couple weeks ago, by the time I got out today they were spent, but some looked lilac!  I can't wait to get out tomorrow and see!
My procured vines are about 2 feet long, I am giddy!  My plan is to have a bloom color that matches the house.  hahaha!

While I was laying on the porch shooting the dogs, Muta decided to come make a nest of me by making biscuits on my side and hanging on with her claws if I moved.  I thought it could not get much worse.

It did! Ugh catass!

It says 'love'.  I try to keep it at the corner of the porch, but it keeps getting knocked off.  I kind of like that it's been broken and mended a couple of times.  That's how it goes.

My one shot with my Holga turret.

Me, on TWO FEET.

Jessie Bear


My second Photoshop.  He would not shut both eyes, so I closed them for him.
This one is misty and extra light because it was SO humid, the lens was fogging up.

This is the best dog in the world.

Not such the best dog in the world.
She's wet from chasing frogs!

Haven't been in the garden in a while...

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