Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My very first outing sans Matt!
We headed to Amanda's to meet up with Katy and hang out at the lake and have dinner.

The kids had a blast and actually rafted and swam around the point to another dock and back.  The littles stayed with the mamas for that part of the adventure!
They swam and played for several hours, I know I have said it before, but I love they way all the different ages of kids get along, from the 2 year old to the nearly 19 year old, they play and love on each other.  I looked over at Ben last night and Bird was in his lap and they were hugging and laughing-the side of Ben's face damp from baby kisses. Then Jake came running in with Inde under one arm and Eyrin under the other, all three of them squealing and laughing with Rho and Emma chasing behind.  Chan plays for hours as whatever character the girls assign her to, then just like that the younger kids run off to play vet and the teens hole up in the treehouse and the  boys are off to play Magic it's just the moms again.  The flux and flow of an afternoon.

After our swim, we headed back to the house and made kima and kale salad and had a lovely dinner, finally heading home around 9.

My foot hurt so much by the time I got in that I did not even risk standing in the shower, just got myself in bed.  I will be SO glad to get back to normal, in the meantime, ever grateful for friends willing to hang out with us and long afternoons and lots of laughing.

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