Monday, August 18, 2014

The Week That Started with a Cricket

This was from back in early June and I forgot to publish it.  Must have been waiting to add photos, but it seems we didn't do anything!

Though we have barely left the house, this week has been eventful.

Monday, I woke up to an attack by a camel cricket, it went for my hair first, then a full frontal assault involving my face.  It hid in my blankets afterward before Matt came running naked from the bathroom and saved me. Any time I think, "eh..." about being married, I just have to remember camel crickets and I realize it would take a great deal of idiocy on his part to make me actually want to be on my own.  It's like that scale your soul's heart gets weighed on in Egyptian mythology.  Your soul vs a feather.  That's got to be a HEAVY feather.  It would take a HEAVY amount of dumbassery to outweigh camel cricket removal services.  Osiris runs things, if you want to look that up.

Jake and I tried to set up my new rope swing.  I want it higher than the previous swing on a bigger branch so I can have a longer swing arch.  The cats got involved and after we launched Muta, who kept grabbing the rope as it slid past during our tossing efforts, we gave up for the time being.  Matt came home and totally botched the whole thing.  I now have 50 feet of rope 30 feet in the tree and no way to untangle it.  We go out and look at it now and again.  *sigh*

I FINALLY finished Natchez Burning.  For someone who goes through 3-4 books a week, it took me 3 full weeks to read that one book.  I don't know that I will read the rest.

Britney was over and we ate raw cookie dough and I spent a while trying to convince Ben that if he ran in and laid on the heating pad, the dough would bake in his stomach.  He was more fun when he was younger, that teenage skepticism is seriously ruining my bad parenting.

Jake has discovered some internet monster called The Rake and it has terrified him.  More than Jeepers Creepers and that scared him enough that for YEARS we had to run in a zigzag pattern if we were outside after dark (to avoid capture...I guess it worked!).  More than a scarecrow and they scare both of us about the same amount.  Scarecrows are SCARY.  The kind that come alive and pitchfork you are.  The stuffed kind at Hobby Lobby are not.  We are imaginative, not mental.

The kids had a few friends over to game and go swimming and while they did play nearly the whole time, there was much more yammering than playing.  Once again, we were stood up by a particular family headed by a mother with no ability to let me know she's not going to show.  It's not a lack of response-she will accept the invitation and even say she's on the way at X time.  Then never shows, disappointing all the kids. That to me says, "I don't want to do anything with you and/or lack the ability to say no."  Or she just lacks common courtesy.  Either way, from here on out, she's also lacking in invitations from me.  I am sure she will be relieved!  Again, just SAY what you need to say.  And don't yank people around, especially kids.

Swimming got cancelled so Alex could be in a mountain bike race Thursday afternoon.  With all the rain we have had every single day for a week, I imagined getting swept off to the ocean anyway.

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