Monday, August 18, 2014


LOOK  It's NEARLY the same shade as the house.  Took me 2 years and there's still that purple stripe.
Also, be sad because those are our water shoes in the background and it's been so long since we were at the creek that vines have grown through them!

and the regular old white.  This vine seems resistant to any invasion of color, I can get blushes in ALL the other flowers.  This one-just that pale pink in the ribs, not even all the way through, though at least it's in a constant pattern.

I eat these like candy, I bet I have had 150 little tomatoes in the past 3 months.

My new "chocolate" hair.  I wiped out the summer-induced red and blonde and Jake induced grey in one 45 minute swoop.  I pointed out to Jake that I had no grey before I had him.  Hence, he started it.  He pointed out I was only 20, barely a year older than he is now, and THAT was why I had no grey before he was born.  I about panicked, I swear, having a baby that young!  I still think puberty should be something that happens closer to 30.

I got distracted by MATT (I am all about pointing fingers today) and left it in too long.  It's practically black, hence the hat until it fades a bit into something that doesn't look like a baby doll's wig.
I very nearly went blonde, but that requires a lot of maintaining and I have eyebrows and stuff, not to mention 3 children with very dark hair.  Maybe one day I will do it.

The coveted deep purple with hot pink ribs.

Love this white with the purple star. Morning glories are SO freaking pretty, I don't know why they get treated as weeds!  And that's IT, they don't rebloom the next day, you get a single show and on to a totally new bloom.

I so love this dog.  
About...4 years ago, I got, um...lost in our woods.  There was at least a foot of snow on the ground and I was TOTALLY screwed up on direction-no sun, it was getting dark.  Kuma realized I was an idiot at some point because he started running ahead to break the snow and pack it down, then would come back and press the backs of my legs or else press my side like below and I would hang on to his scruff. He got me home in nearly a straight line, I thought Matt was going to strangle me, he was so worried.  But Kuma never left me unless it was to make the walking easier and ever since, even in the driveway, he stays very near and guides me around if he thinks I am in the slightest danger.  Since I hurt my foot, he's been practically carrying me, I could not even hobble to the van and back unless he was 'helping'.
I know he's a sheep dog and I am basically a sheep with thumbs to him, but I still like feeling protected and safe.  If I could clone any animal in the world, it would be Kuma McCoy.

Muta, Kat, Kuma, Jessie and Nia.  Cleo and Wonder are in the mimosa bushes.
 The whole gang was present for my inaugural walk!

Picked up 2 of these adorable solar lanterns for $5! Love those end of summer sales on outdoor goodies you don't REALLY need.  They shine in various colors via a TEENY led bulb, so illumination is not really the key point to having them-watching the colors morph is.  I was a little bummed about that, I wanted them to make enough light to get in the front door without the porch light attracting all those bugs!

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