Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunny Sunday

My goodness, it is HOT.  I probably blocked it from my brain, but I don't think it's been THIS hot for THIS long all summer.  I am so glad we are in a house with AC for the duration!  We were just home yesterday to refresh pet food and water and check on the house.

Minor catch-up and then I will catch up events.  I have actually DONE SOMETHING this past week!

Park, who is ever awesome, and I have been chatting about scary movies for months.  We came up with this idea together to use some of the places around the park to film a short version of a 'found footage' movie and to also leave 'clues' about the monster, something very similar to Bigfoot to make it easier on us (hahaha!).  I am going to scout locations with him, have a meeting with the teen group to come up with a production plan, then head up and film!  I am hoping the teens will take over and plan, write, set up scenes and do make-up and such.  If nothing else, it should be fun, even if it is a fiasco.  hahaha!  We will all learn something.

The kids started back ballroom dancing last week, so many teens were there!  I was expecting a dozen kids, but it was closer to 50!  The kids ran into loads of friends, it was like a homeschool reunion!  I did not get any pictures from that because...I was too busy talking.  I know, so unlike me, but there you have it.  I managed to pin down Sammy and convince him to repair Poppy!  He thinks he can, too!  I am THRILLED!  Oh wait, I did take a picture...

I know it's a collage, but damn, that is FUNNY.  Golf in the prison stockade, a building...not the one we were in, a steep downhill bike track, some super duper muddy baseball, swimming while keeping your hair dry (a Southern Woman Thing) and...non-targeted archery.  Unless women with dry hair standing in water is the target!

What else?  I dropped the girls off at Phoenix (formerly known as Britney)'s new apartment for her 16th birthday!

The girls stayed 2 nights and I am sure slept 4 hours total.  Successful party!

Nia loves being a Mountain Hound.  She also loves that she can see deer from where she is in this photo. Look at that face.  She was on guard duty, it was serious business!

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