Monday, August 11, 2014

3 week update and a scary movie

So other than tearing and stretching the peroneal retinaculum in my ankle and foot, I also stripped the nerve endings out along the sural nerve, specifically the lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve, like pulling a worm out of a hole, except across the entire top of my foot.  This is what has been causing the itching and burning while it's healing.  They don't thread themselves back in there, you have to grow new ones!  I feel VERY icky about the whole thing, seriously, I get queasy thinking about it.

I have been taking B complex, D and Omega 3 and 6, which are all supposed to help with nerve growth.  To help my brain cope by thinking I am growing them back even FASTER, I have opted to only eat things with ingredients I can actively see.  Rice, granola, seeds, veggies.  Nothing mixed up or mashed up or added gunk that I can't pronounce.  I am convinced this will speed it up, because until it stops burning, I can only think of a dolls scalp plucked clean. And shriveled brown worms frying in the sun on the sidewalk.  

I know all I can talk about these days is my ankle and Disney and what I am reading or watching.  But my life is really small at the moment!  I went grocery shopping yesterday-that's it for getting out of the house since my birthday the week before.  I have a new bed topper from Serta.  It's the first bed topper that A) has not been stolen my one of my children and B) actually goes from corner to corner on our California king bed.

So, on to movies!  Oculus came out on dvd this weekend and it's good!  I liked the whole plot and I am pretty sure the sequels could reach a dozen or more. It was not terribly believable, but scary stories aren't supposed to be things you think would actually happen.  More like an urban legend-yeah, a guy with a hook for a hand COULD be on the loose, but I am not going to install high powered magnets in the ceiling so he can't take a swing at me with it while I sleep.  An evil mirror is not even a new plot to tackle.  But still, I liked the story and the characters and I liked how they worked in the backstory of the mirror and I liked the way I could very easily tell when it was past and present in the story by the way the main characters were played by different people entirely.  See, I don't ALWAYS need wavy lines.  hahahaha! 

It was a good nearly non-gory movie with 3 stories going on that were juggled well, I thought.  Well enough for Saturday night at home with some popcorn and the honey anyway!  There was what happened to the now-adult siblings when they were kids involving the mirror, there was what was happening in the movie present day with the mirror and there was what the mirror wanted them to think was happening by making them see things not there.  The sister character, I'll call her not-Tim because his name is the only one I can remember due to the Kagomesque way his sister screamed it 900 times.

Not-Tim had done a ton of research and had set up 3 fail-safe mechanisms for keeping them safe/sane while...with the mirror.  I am still not clear WHAT they wanted to do, as breaking it was impossible and they did not have ghost-killing powers and gizmos.  I think they were just going to hang out and become crazy while trying to capture proof of the mirror making them crazy. My complaint here is that she says, "It has been responsible for at least 45 deaths" and "we don't know the origin of the mirror" then goes on to detail the origin (at least of the name, 'Lasser Glass') of the mirror and a dozen deaths that were pretty well along the timeline since the origin.  Before that, no history of the mirror.  After that...not 45 deaths.  12.  Maybe 13.  If there's no record of who owned it or where it was for a stretch, you can't just assign a number of deaths to have occurred in that time!

Best part-glowy eyes instead of black eyes.  They were supposed to be the mirror using the bodies to look through or something along those lines.  But they were scary, so I did not think about WHY they were shiny too hard.  

eeeeeee!  Katee Sackhoff, go away!

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