Sunday, August 24, 2014

Volunteer Day!

On Friday, we headed to Monte Sano State Park to put in some volunteer time.  I sent out a message to Deb who was able to post it Thursday morning and we had 16 volunteers with that 24 hour notice!  I was happy!

We split into groups, which was efficient, but nearly everyone stayed with their family.  Jake went off with one family with boys his age, but they did not talk much and he rejoined us an hour later.  I had hoped we would meet some new folks!

I found this tiny turtle.  He had a leaf around his neck, it was stuck up under his shell!  I worked that out and he was suddenly in a big hurry to leave.  Ben held him for just a couple minutes so we could check him over.  He's missing a hind leg, but it's a clean stump, already healed.  He had good skin color and his shell looked healthy, claws were clean and strong.  He's tiny, but in good shape.  We put him back where I found him.

We worked a few hours in the Japanese Garden, clearing limbs and repairing the rock and wood borders around the gardens.

I wonder what took a bite?

Yeah!  Limb pile!

Me, SO freaking glad to be up and active!  Even if I am beet red and sweating.

We had another family helping us, but around 10 they went to get some water and never returned.
Jake rejoined us and hung out a while cooling off and then pitched in and helped the final hour or so.  I think we did a good job!

I have always liked the tea house.  The gardens and house were built by Japanese citizens who were living over here, they kept the area clean and the house and gardens maintained and used them for ceremonies and to host guests for tea when they came to visit here.  They have since moved on and the garden has been neglected.  I am feeling compelled to take that on as an ongoing project, it's the first one that has struck a chord.  I enjoy all the work we do, any time we help.  But something about this spot meaning so much to someone and now they are gone-it means nothing to anyone.  It's just this spot off the disc golf course.  Maybe I just have underdog complex.

Anyway, we enjoyed our morning and plan to head back at least once a week while we are up here.  I lost my cell phone, we looked all over the garden and the trail and called it over and over. ("here, phone!")  It's a $15 burner phone, because I don't use one very often, I don't want to put money into one that does anything more than ring and dial out.  So Matt went out and bought another one to move the account over-they will do that, thank goodness.  We decided to take care of it the next day because it was late when he came in and as I was packing us up Saturday morning for the race, I found my phone.  In the freezer. It was DEAD, but charged right up and works just fine.

I had it in the pocket of this little cooler bag we were using to carry our water.  I guess I had dumped the ice packs back in the freezer after we got in and the phone fell out under them. Oh well, one thing less to worry with.  I still can't find my debit card, so I have a new one on the way.  My wedding ring is...currently somewhere else.  That's another thing I decided to not spend much on, it's a $12 ring.  I don't like having to pay a lot of attention to possessions, I never have been all that great about keeping up with things.  Better an annoyance than a financial disaster because crap happens, even if you are careful and worried all the time, which is a big energy drain. And now we can activate the new phone for the kids to use.  So, yay.

Around 4 on Friday, we headed to the pool for a couple hours.  Jake went with us.

I took this awesome selfie, which makes me laugh every time I see it. hahahaha!  

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