Sunday, July 31, 2011



I would write about my thoughts and feelings 37 years ago, but according to my mother, who had given birth twice in Chattanooga at a very modern hospital, giving birth to me at Decatur General 8 months after they all moved to Alabama was the equivalent of going back in time 40 years and she recalls being knocked out, shaved, woken up sometime later and handed me.  And, she always adds the part about how I was the wrong baby.  Yay!

My doctor said that when I was born, they left the mother anesthetized until the baby pinked up some, that neither of them got enough oxygen during the birth and sometimes the baby was a little brain damaged, depending on how fast they grabbed  the head and yoinked them on out.  It's astounding so many people have walking around sense, but it does kind of make the plots to some movies more believable.

Yesterday, for my pre-birthday, I got dinner and a show, but not in that order.  First, we saw Annie Jr starring Keilee...well, it starred some other red-headed kid who sang a lot and talked about being an orphan.  But mainly, Keilee!  She had 2 parts and sang and danced as both a maid and a person on the street in NYC.

A mass hold-up on the streets of NYC
Not to be confused with Easy Street

Here, the maids all plot their revenge on that evil task master, Daddy Warbucks!

They added this for the stage production.  The maids all turn into zombies and attack Annie, it was very exciting!

Here they all try to be airplanes

Here, Annie sings a song about her dog's oddly flat face

Here, Chan and Kei pretend to be King Kongs

After the play, we headed to Gina's and had dinner and ice cream cake and chatted until after 10. 

The girls had the giggles in a bad way.

In this pic, Kaitlin's grandmother is explaining to Gina how we can't keep Kaitlin forever and she has to be returned before the expiration date.  Gina was not happy, but did eventually give her back.

Today, we got up and headed out to drop Jake off to stay with Evan.  After we got him safely handed over, we went to swim at Thompson Creek.  Well...the creek was dry!  The swimming hole had water from the spring, but it was very low and full of gar.  Eep!

This is a baby blood sucking cone nose.  Squash all of these you see.  This one is dead now.  Little bastards.

See the fluttery yellow butterflies all under the bridge?  Yeah, well squint.  It's those little blurry bits in the dark part.

Swimming hole/gar haven.

Find the frog!

So we headed out to go somewhere else and the van made a funny noise.  That funny noise was a totally flat rear tire.  By the time we got the maypop on, it was looking a little flat itself, so we had to go straight to a gas station-which from Thompson Creek is about 45 minutes.  We tried to patch the tire, but the hole is too big for what we could do on our own, so we had to come on home.  It was way over 2 hours back, driving as slowly as I had to.  Plus Ben and Chan had only come along because we were going swimming.  They were really good sports about missing out, better than I was anyway.  Waaaa.  Stinking rotten luck. 

The nearly flat maypop still up on the jack, I had to drive 30 and it took us nearly 3 hours to get home.

Chan demonstrates why she believes there will never be a Captain Asia.
Back home, I was going to make stuffed shells for dinner and realized...I had bought all the things to make the stuffing, but not the ding dang shells.  *sigh*

Matt ran to buy manicotti, which is as close as the local place can get and he came back with a new string doll, Wakefield, for me.  : )  And he made chocolate cake.  So, it did not TOTALLY suck here at the end of the day.  I just wish I did not have to buy a new tire tomorrow!