Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dragon Park

Fannie Mae Dees Park has been a favorite stop on any trip.  Even though it was still drizzling, we opted to hop out and walk around anyway.

The park was named after Fannie Mae Dees, who refused to sell her house to the University (Vanderbilt) and they shut off her power and she froze to death in her basement.  We just call it The Dragon Park and every time we go, I see new pictures in the mosaics.  I must have 300 photos of the dragons and still that many more left to take.
Matt took this one.  I stole it from his website.

Another one! Look at my adorable shirt. hehehe!

Kidcussion is adlepated, but determined to climb on the dragon

My very favorite of the gods

Just a tiny portion of the different pictures in the mosaics covering the serpents (they are, technically sea serpents and not dragons at all).

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