Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What a day.

Wednesday is trash day, Ben was born on a Wednesday and before I would allow them to check me into the hospital after my scheduled check-up revealed he was underway, I asked Matt if he had remembered to put the trash out.
awwww, my trash-day boob babe

I worked in the yard a while this morning, but by 10, it was that inside-a-car hot and I was dripping sweat.  How can I sweat so much it runs into my socks and the scale not move?  At least it's not going up, that's good enough for the moment.

Jake and I were set to watch giant mutant reptiles attacking small town/each other/screaming women movies all day, but I got distracted right away by Nathan Fillion who strung me along for an entire hour with hope, yes hope, that Serenity might fly again.  That little dream dashed flat into the ground AGAIN and it was back to reality and B movies for a while.
Nathan, I wish I could slap you sometimes.
Also, I did not take this picture.

Ran errands-which means I bought dog food.  It would be way easier if I could just insert a $20 into the dogs each Monday and be done.
Feed us 1000 pounds of kibble, bwahahaha
Also, we want jerky and meter readers.

Decided to grill because Alex is over and while I genuinely like him, I am a little wigged about having someone eating here that I can literally kill with my cooking.  I made grilled corn, apple-chicken franks, regular turkey franks and baked potatoes on the coals for tomorrow.  No peanut products or far.  I have 2 more meals.  Eep.

Also discovered someone is using roamschool.  There is a roamschool academy set up by some guy who wants to travel in an RV with his wife and kids-who has made all of a single burst of effort and has been silent for 2 months.  I own the name.  I am not sure what I want to do about it.  I have been going back and forth for the past year about ditching it, as I don't like the implications of the word 'school'.  I cringe when I say we are 'doing school' as the label for some work or project.  I just don't have a better term yet.  Plus, I like our group being the 'roamies'.'s MY name.  I paid like...$200 to copyright it.  I wish they had contacted me before just using it.  But then again, maybe they never looked it up.  It's not like it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-that would be kind of hard to imagine 2 people just decided it was a great term.  I was kind of surprised someone else was not using it when I snagged it 7 years ago.  I mainly did not want someone making money off of it while I was using it to cover our homeschool.
My very first roamschool banner. 7-04!

At any rate, I feel kind of drained, a little down this evening.  I know the heat is hardly helping, and I am still glad it's not cold the way it is hot.  I just hate the cold, the heat I can get away from, but there are times I can't warm up on my own.  That's worse, for me.

Killer Snowman and I both hate cold.

I am going to watch Public Enemies, I think.  I have it in from Netflix anyway.  It's the movie based on the book by Bryan Borrough that I read last year after visiting Charley Floyd's grave in Oklahoma.

I just tagged this post.  I think it's sad I have a 'general whining' tag.  But, I guess everyone needs a vent.


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