Sunday, July 17, 2011


Pooey, my plans to go to Turkey Creek on Tuesday are kaput, they needed to close for the day to do some repairs.  WHAT kind of repairs are needed on...a creek?

This weekend has been mild compared to last week and yesterday, we did our errands and I was dead to the world by 9 last night.  Any time it cools off, I sleep better. 

Today we talked about going and doing something, but with the short paycheck on the way and Chan's surgery to pay for coming out of that check, we opted to stay home and get some yard work done. 

We cleaned up at Judy's-limbs keep falling since the tornadoes-and headed here to do more of the same.  We swapped out mowing and burned some of the tree debris and Matt cut another pine limb that was too cozy with the roofline.

I am about tired of yard work and while Matt finishes up the front here, I am all too aware we need to spend the afternoon at Judy's getting that yard done.  At least he's here to help today.

After we mowed here, Matt burned the HUGE pile of wood we had from a couple of trees that had fallen.  The wood was infested with pine beetles and Matt was worried  they would move on to the house next or something.  Eat all the trees.

We watched Public Enemies this afternoon, finally.  That was such a LONG movie, I was ready to kill Dillinger myself, just to get done with it already.  For all the detail they went into what he did, they totally skipped the WHY he did it, what made him that way.  You just get swept up and then dumped out at the end.  Not even Johnny Depp made it worth sitting there for nearly 2 and a half hours.  We tossed the medicine ball, made and ate lunch, did some yoga, tended the fire...there was no way I could sit still the duration of the movie.

This afternoon after it cooled off, I went down to mow more at Judy's, but the mosquitoes and gnats were out en masse.  I came right back home after they decided my eyeballs were yummy and I decided to mess around with the camera a while.  Then Matt and I went to get a couple geocaches.  I don't know what to do about Judy's yard, though setting it on fire has crossed my mind.  Surely it's not arson to just kill some grass.

I know!  I should have posted a warning in case you are overwhelmed by the adorable of my doglet!


Oh no!  Her's a dead doggie, oh, she keeled over and is attracting vultures!

Jessie Bear



What's under there?

an escaped Tanuki!
More Zeppie!


The biggest red earred slider we have ever seen!

One of the tracks we walk.  3 times around is 3.75 miles

Statue at the memorial park in Holly Pond of the former mayor.  I LOVED that they gave him his cigar.  He's also in a wheelchair in the statue.

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