Friday, July 8, 2011

Centennial Park

After lunch, we went to Phillips Toy Mart, which was a favorite place to visit when the kids were younger.  It had not changed at all and they climbed up in the tower to watch the model trains and picked up every other toy in the store.  We left with a pig-shaped eraser and a handful of dice for Jake's D&D addiction.

Headed back toward town, the kids wanted to stop in at Centennial Park.  Matt had some geocaches he could get there, so we turned in and spent an hour or so walking around before the rain sent us scampering for the van once again.

While running in the garden, Jake ran head-first into...a...wall.  He did not see it.  Hrm
He seemed okay, then he said he was dizzy, then a big knot came up on his head, then it started bleeding and then...some of his hair fell out.  Like...a big chunk of it.  Ack!

We called him 'Kidcussion' the rest of the day, though I did keep a close eye on him and we made him stay awake for the next 6 hours.  I gave him headache stuff back in the van and he rested his noggin a little.

There's so much more to see at the park, but between the rain and Kidcussion, we decided to leave and see what else we could get into.

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