Monday, July 18, 2011

BBQ Peach Cinnamon Goodness

Spray a pan, this one is 8x8, with cooking spray.

Slice up some yummy peaches, I used 3.

Slice up a roll of whump-um cinnamon rolls, these had walnuts added.

Layer back and forth until the pan is full.

I added a couple dabs of butter and then sealed it with foil.

Place on a pre-heated BBQ grill, this one was just over 200 degrees.

After about an hour, I added the whole container of that stuff you put on top of the rolls.

This is what it looked like done, the coals cooled off and the mesquite flavor steamed into the peaches and bread.  It took about 90 minutes total due to the low heat.

and about 90 seconds after I took the lid off...

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