Friday, July 8, 2011

TN Museum

We headed out of the library and up to the TN Museum.  Along the way, we crossed a couple of streets and Ben reached to hold my hand out of habit.  Instead of holding his little hand, his fingers wrapped around my hand, it was another reminder of how fast time is passing.  My baby has bigger hands and feet than I do.  It won't be long, maybe Christmas, and he will be taller than me. Waa

I love the streets in Nashville, they are so busy and there's so much to see.  We bustled along with the lunch crowd and took the long way to the museum.  The weather was warm and breezy, but not hot-thank goodness!  It was a great day to just walk around and see things.

We arrived at the museum and headed down to the first level, we cruised through pretty quickly, spending about 90 minutes.  It could easily take a whole day looking at everything.  At one exhibit of a log cabin, Chan wanted to play Spot The Anachronism.  When did she learn that word?

Jake and I think this looks like the alien from Alien.

Jake wanted to be 'as awesome as possible' while in the stocks.

Chan pulled her hand out and pushed the lock pin out of the hole.  She would have been in the stocks about 3 minutes, probably getting put back in them right after for being a witch.

This was a revolving exhibit, we all know how I love those so I can play with shutter speeds!

My favorite of all the quilts.  There's something about the simplicity of stick people that appeals to my inner artist.  Maybe...because that's all I can manage!

I dreamed about these gloves the night after we saw this.

That's pretty well the bulk of most of my internal issues.  LOL

The single most uninspired cop-out photo I have taken in a while!  Go me!

You can tell they are siblings, he's trying to stick something up her nose.

I know it's exotic Egyptian jewelry, but all I can think is 'scary clown'.

This guy reminded me of the Stikfas I bought for Matt years ago.  They are still in their boxes on the shelf, I don't even think he opened them. 

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