Monday, July 25, 2011


Today we headed to Madison to spend the afternoon.  We hit a few geocaches, had lunch, scored big at the library and went to see X-Men: First Class.  It was packed full and even then, I did not feel like an idiot when I was the only one in the theater to cheer (loudly) when Wolverine made a cameo appearance.  I also was very vocal about James McAvoy being Professor X as I am quite taken with him and have been since I saw him in Shameless back in 2005.  I know it's the eyes combined with the ability to tear up at will.  I have never doubted his sincerity, no matter who he was in love with while being sincere. 

Afterward, we went hiking at Rainbow Mountain until the sun set.  It's been really nice to have the yard all fenced, and to be able to leave Zep here while we go off for the day without having to leave her inside the house.

I have so many CD's shoved into a holder on my visor that I can't use the vanity mirror, so I took a pic of my teeth to see if there was anything stuck in there.  I had no intentions of it ever seeing the light of day until I noticed Jake in the back playing with the kids meal toys.  hehehehe! 

my fill flash sucked the color out of Ben's eyes!

This is not her mad face.

the!  Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

I call this one 'And The Horse You Rode In On'
We are laying low this week, other than Chan's oral surgery Thursday, which I am NOT looking forward to in the least.

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