Friday, July 8, 2011

Heading Home

We left the park after it started raining again, harder.  I took a quick poll and the kids wanted to go down the Natchez Trace to Florence and head home that way.  So, being on the west side of town, we scooted on over to the Trace and hopped on. 

It became quickly apparent that we were going to be exhausted by the time we actually reached home, going 2 hours south and still having 2 hours to head east from there, so we got off the Trace at the Merriwether Lewis site and wound our way through Amish country to Lawrenceburg where we stopped for pizza and took it to a little park just down the road.

We saw about 10 buggies with Amish people, one had several children in it.  I called them 'Amlets' and it struck us all as a perfect term. 

As we waited for Matt to come out with the pizza-Little Caesar's has yet to have cheese pizza in the hot n ready capacity-Chan told us the unfortunate tale of The Smurfs being made into a 3-D movie with live action and that... Neil Patrick Harris was playing a human in it.  Nooooooo!

Jake said, "If I grew a foot for every pizza I have ever eaten, I would be able to take over the world!"  Chan said, "Or...just be covered in feet."  That was SO funny, we all rolled and I drew a foot on my hand to remind myself to write that down as soon as I could. 

Awkward wording!  I saw several messages that looked to be left for dead people under the bridge.  A check revealed that 18 people have killed themselves on or near the Birdsong Hollow Bridge on the Trace since 2000.  So many, in fact, that there are anti-suicide signs up in the area now.

We got back home around 10:30.  Small Dog had been in the yard all day with Big Dogs and she seemed to have done just fine.  The whole day cost us gas money, 2 meals and $2.50 in parking fees.  Not bad considering all we did!  : )

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