Monday, July 11, 2011


I finished the porch today, I took some pictures afterward, but it's about 30 degrees hotter outside than inside and it was humid, my camera lens fogged up.  I will post them anyway, and will get better October. 
We tried out the yellow was too mustardy and looked like nicotine stains up close. 

We decided to just paint the wall and ceiling and that trim piece all the same color.

Here it is all girled up.  I pressure washed the rest of the porch today and got off the paint drips.  I will worry about the color of it some other, cooler date.  Between mowing and painting and the 107 heat index...I'm done for now.

Yes, I do have a go away sign by the front door.  And Foo dogs!

This all started when I painted that bathtub last week.

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