Friday, July 1, 2011

Good News Friday!

First, Matt is off early today and has next week off!  Eep!  : D  We are going to home improve ALL week (and swim!).

Secondly, Powerade and ears of corn are on sale and we stocked back up (and, um, peach Popsicles).  Also, the local grocery store is giving away cold soda and hot dogs all day.  They offered Jake a hot dog and he said he didn't want trichinosis.  I need to encourage him to just say 'no thanks'.

Third, we read this article today and sadly, it amused us to the point of having to wipe our eyes to keep reading.  "How did you get the inspiration to create such a loud sonar?"  "Uhhh, no comment".  Also, we have these guys in our little corner pond, I plan to check further into the whole thing this afternoon.  If Bobby or Gina were here, it would have been harder to recover, collectively, we average about 13 years old.  I am reminded of the ice cream shell incident of last Saturday and how well Dave held it together while we all 3 nearly collapsed with the giggles.

Last, well, I have no last item.  I got to chat with Jacki today and that always sets me up for a warm and fuzzy glow, I love, love, love my friend J.  : ) 

I was contacted via facebook by an old boyfriend this past week.  Slightly scandalous, it was a very dramatic break-up, my last long-term relationship before I got married...some 3 years later.  The kind of break-up where I would sit in the tub with the shower running and cry, months after the event.  Ahhh, nothing like that feeling of total heart shards, I wrote bad poetry afterward, too.  I'd love to find that one poem...hmmm...

At any rate, he is actually doing really well, has kids, wife, career, eyeballs.  All the things I damned him of when I was 20.  LOL!  I think it was good to check in, it stopped him being the age he was in my head, it allowed him to apologize, which I needed-sad as it is-and now he's a dad off in California and he's in his mid 30's and not 'that guy' anymore.  It broke some kind my head, something I was surprised to find I was still harboring, an ill will maybe, or even just a sulky spot.  I mean really, I am a catch, he was a fool. (I established in an earlier post that I have no shame.)  Now I can let it go, like the books about beekeeping and craft projects I gave away last year.  I feel better not having that around, even if I never looked at it.  Does that make sense? 

Now we can go on as friends, have something totally different, something normal.  Matt's all for it, I think he knows that 20 was my very worst year in SO many ways.  If I can get rid of some of that baggage, I am sure I will be better for it.  I love that he supports everything I take on, even if it's just my own inner angst. 

Oh hey, I DO have a last good news.  My check engine light came on last weekend and I took out that part and repaired it AGAIN and put it back in and today, the light went off again!  I know WHY the light is on-air hose leak-it's just that seeing it is like seeing a wasp or a cop, it's that same level of potential crappy encounter.  That's all the news from the castle.

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