Tuesday, July 12, 2011




We baked cookies in the Volvo today.  Here are the rules for safe in-car baking:
It should be 95 degrees.
It takes about 3 hours.  Check after 2 hours.
You should use an egg-free cookie mix to avoid salmonella.

Put your dough on the pan, put the pan on a towel to protect the dash, put both on the dash in the direct sun with the windows all rolled up. 
Put a thermometer somewhere so you can see how hot it gets in there, I used a stick-thermometer, it's in the driver side up there.
It needs to get at least 180 to cook them.

Just check them now and then through the windshield, don't open the car door or the heat will have to build back up and it will take that much longer.

They don't brown, so check for doneness by lifting the edge with a spatula or fork.  If it sticks, it's not cooked, so shut the door and wait a while longer.

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