Friday, July 8, 2011

Lunch Break

It started raining when we were headed back to the library, so we decided to head out to get lunch.  Parking the 3 hours we were downtown cost us $2.50 with our stamped ticket!  : )

We decided to go to West End to eat and after a few miles the kids spotted Moe's.  Chan was just asking to eat there a couple days ago, so there was no question of going somewhere Nashville-specific or getting something to go and heading to a park.  Moe's it was!

He's not wearing PANTS

I get a thumbs-up from the Peanut Gallery when polled about moving to Nashville.
There's the capital building behind them.

The books outside Ben West, for the first few weeks of driving around Nashville, I had to look for them as a landmark.  Then I learned about these things called street names.  Pre-GPS, I was really reliant on objects and colors of buildings to navigate.

It's actually pouring rain in the pics of the Customs House.  I was in traffic taking them, so they are a little off.

Oh, Billy!  If only I did not have to share you with Matt! 

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